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Smoking Apparatus Crosspool

What Smoking Equipment Is Right For Me?

Smoking Apparatus CrosspoolAt Hidehorn Smoking Apparatus Crosspool, there are a couple of determining factors as it pertains to picking the right Smoking Gear for you, like your situation, budget and even how awkward you can be. The quantity of selection whenever choosing Smoking Equipment can appear somewhat daunting, Glass or Acrylic? Large? Little? Percolator? We’ve got a huge range at Hidehorn and hopefully something to suit everybodys needs.

Most Smoking Gear functions in the exact same manner, by creating a container for smoke to be filtered through water, reducing the number of water soluble tar and toxins from the smoking by around 50%, in addition to removing the need to combust rolling papers. Now you understand the fundamentals, what bong is best for you? Well, depending in your situation you might want to possess a little distinct bong such as some of our Journey Bongs or something more showy and of a bigger size for example a Percolator Bong.

What Else Do I Want at Hidehorn Smoking Apparatus Crosspool?

So, you’ve got your bong and now you want to understand what else you need? Its generally great to get yourself some Displays. These act as a filter, to prevent your smoking mixture and its ashes falling into the water and dirtying up your bong. They come in various different shapes, sizes and substances, for example glass, brass and steel.

You’ll also want want something to clean your bong like Dr Greens Bong Cleanser and a Bong Brush. You could also purchase a preventative cleansing agent including Rez Block which shields your bong by creating a slick coating that resin cant stick to. This items will save you hours in cleaning time!

You could also buy a bong case, to help protect and carry your bit.

Smoking Equipment Care

Taking care of your own bong, can prolong its lifespan by a significant number, along with keeping it nice for to you to get the most from your smoking experience. We propose investing in a bong cleaning kit including the Genie Smoking Tool Kit and great Cleanser to enable you to keep on top of the care. If you keep your bong clean it could possibly continue you forever, provided that you dont break it, so look after it as best as possible!

Happy Smoking!!

Due to innovative production techniques and procedures, bongs are now made from glass or acrylic making them exceptionally durable and efficient.

The atmosphere and water tight container has a bowl (which holds the tobacco or herbal concoction) and come attached to it.

Here at Hidehorn Smoking Apparatus Crosspool, we carry an extensive variety of glass, acrylic and ceramic bongs in a range of sizes and colours. We also carry percolator bongs which supply an even smoother smoke thanks to additional chambers and multi pipe bongs so that more than one individual can experience the joy of bong smoking at exactly the same time.

More costly bongs typically offer high quality stuff and have had more time spent on the creation.

Handcrafted Smoking Equipment, made by glass artists, are usually a lot more costly, as you’re paying for the glass blower/artists labour time. Additional extras also factor into the cost of a bong, for example percolators and ash catchers, colour and fuming as they add more time, resources and ability to the production procedure.

In addition, it comes down to comfort and functionality. Some individuals like to understand they’ve invested money into their avocation, and love the relaxation and functionality of a higher priced bong. Many people see bongs as artwork, as handcrafted bongs can take on many shapes and forms, and will willingly invest in them as artwork collectors would in paintings. Where as other individuals prefer to spend their cash on other things, and settle for an affordable yet practical piece.

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